Financing WaridiHome

The budget of the foundation can be split in different categories. (An overview of the real costs can be found in the menu under ‘Sponsoring’)

Starting costs
The starting costs are the staff payments, the monthly costs for the families for the first six months of the project and a flight ticket for Roosmarijn toKenya. 

Investment costs
The investment costs are the onetime items at the start of the projects. These include: the motor bike for the staff inKenyato work in the area and the onetime costs for the projects as the reviving of a school or building a water pump.

Operating costs
The operating costs are the necessary long-term based monthly costs such as financial support for the families, staff and daily costs such as transportation, etc.

We have several options to support WaridiHome Foundation with your company, organizations or as private persons.

–          Single donation
–          Adoption/Donorship
–          Organizing or supporting a fundraising event