For the operational cost we are looking for individuals or companies to support us financially on monthly or yearly base.

Private donations
We have several possibilities for private individuals to support financially:

–          € 5,– per month
–          € 10,– per month
–          € 15,– per month – with this you support one orphan and his/her family
–          € 25,– per month
–          € 100,- per month

Of course we would like to get to know those who support us. Therefore, if you are donating money, we ask you to fill in the contact form and let us know who you are, how we can contact you, and what you would like to donate. In return, we would like to keep you updated on the developments of the WaridiHome Foundation via newsletter.
Your donation is welcome on Account 5400278 – STICHTING WARIDIHOME,  NL39INGB0005400278 (IBAN), INGBNL2A (BIC)
Please consider donating automatically monthly. This prevents the treasurer from having to do a lot of extra work every month.

Company donations
With companies we prefer a commitment of at least 5 years. Companies can choose to make monthly or yearly donations. The agreements will be placed on record.
The company will be mentioned in several newsletters (the amount and placements of the name or logo is based on the amount of donation). Accordingly there is also the possibility of having the link to your company’s website added to WaridiHome Foundation. We also have possibilities to get banners of your company at fundraising events.
When we make an agreement with your company, we will go over all those possibilities and decide together which option suits both parties best.

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