The Beginning of WaridiHome

In 2012 Roosmarijn Wasseveld, psychologist, brought her first visit toKenya. This visit made sure that the country never left her mind and her heart. In 2011 brought another visit toKenya. This time for a longer period, to spend more time in getting to know the culture and the people ofKenya. Through volunteer work and by living in a Kenyan home she made this happen.  When she arrived home Roosmarijn started a Swahili course and kept in contact with the friends she made inKenya. When she took everything to account it was clear to her that it’s inevitable that she goes back toKenyafor a longer period and to help out.

During her visits she stood eye to eye with great poverty and a lack of education for children. This has contributed to the decision that the next time she is going toKenya, she wants to make a sustainable contribution to dissolve these problems. Her first idea was starting up an orphanage. But a working visit later she understood that there was another demand fromKenya.

Now a day’s, in most cases family members of the orphans are taking care of them. However those families mostly live in poor conditions. Often they don’t have the opportunities to take care of the children in a responsible way. With this insight the idea grew, to help out those families. To support them so they can provide the orphan children with good care. Important is, in order to give the children a better future and support the growth of the country,  to invest in good educational possibilities for the children. Therefore most of the attention of the foundation will go to education.


Origin of the name WaridiHome

Roosmarijn was called ‘Waridi’ in Kenya. ‘Waridi’ means ‘Rose’ and refers to the flower that’s used in her name. Also Roosmarijn’s favorite color is pink. During her course of Swahili she learned that Waridi not only means ‘rose’, but also ‘pink’.

No question what the name of the foundation should be, don’t you think?


WaridiHome not only means ‘the House of Rose’, but also the pink House. The word home is used in the name, because the objective of the foundation is to give the orphan children a home. A home were they feel safe and have a future. In most cases children feel best at home in familiar situations like their own families.

Pink rose without frame © by Candie_N