The idea of founding an orphanage is, as you could read on this website, no longer our aim. We are now focusing on (financially) supporting the families with orphan children. This January Roosmarijn went toKenyato do some investigating for the foundation and its aims.

 The following budget is set for the first starting period. +/- the first six months of the project

 Project costs

Starting costs

–    Motor bike (for staff inKenya)      70.000 kesh
–   Flight ticket Roosmarijn   70.000 kesh
Totally                                              140.000 kesh

 Child support

–  Schoolfee              1200 kesh  (+/- 400 kesh per periode, 3 periods a year)
–  2 times uniforms and books         3000 kesh
– Food       12.000 kesh  (1000 kesh monthly)
– Savings for medical costs            2400 kesh  (200 kesh monthly)
Totally per year                                18.600 kesh

Totally per month                                1550 kesh

 Monthly costs
–  Payment Kenyan employee       10.000 kesh
–  Storage for food packages          10.000 kesh
–  Supporting 10 families                 15.500 kesh (1550 kesh per family)
–  Other costs                                        10.000 kesh  (petrol, repairs and transport)
Totally                                                    45.500 kesh

       110 kesh          =  €1,–
140.000 kesh      = €1275,-
  45.500 kesh       = € 415,-

This leads to the conclusion that as starting budget we need at least € 1275,– and after that monthly we need € 415,–

The more money we raise with our donors, the more families we eventually can support. But first on, we will start small with supporting 10 families.

Besides the monthly fixed costs, we would like to generate extra money for special projects. Projects include establishing teaching classes or building water pumps for clean drinking water.

Would you like to make a difference in the future of the Kenyan children?

 We have several options:

–          Single donation
–          Adoption/Donorship
–          Organizing or supporting a fundraising event